AEA Series: The Holy Ideas

We hear much these days of living in the “Now.” When we are truly present and receptive in the moment, we are able to drop the protective armor of our personalities and experience life as an interconnected web.

All great spiritual traditions teach that True Reality is Wholeness – Oneness – Unity. In other words, all existence is made of the same “stuff.” We enter this world in an undifferentiated state but, by necessity, develop an ego that results in a sense of separation from this Unity.

The Enneagram at its highest spiritual level connects us back to this experience of Unity through what are called the “Holy Ideas.” These are not referring to any particular religion but rather to direct perceptions of Reality that are not obscured by our perceptions and, in that sense, are sacred experiences of Being – or Essence.

Each of us is born with the potential to experience all of the Holy Ideas but there is one to which each Type is particularly sensitive. By opening up to your Type’s Holy Idea you are able to connect with all of them – Love, Perfection, Will, Harmony, Origin, Omniscience, Strength, Wisdom, Truth.

Connecting with your Holy Idea brings with it the experience of something called Basic Trust, which is a deep abiding knowing that what happening is optimal. It is a trust that is not dependent on a person, thing or situation but rather a feeling of complete confidence that life is unfolding in “right order”, despite circumstance – that you are deeply, completely and permanently “held.”

This is a highly experiential class that gives you the opportunity to interact with a community of other like-minded seekers. Through exercises, meditation practices and dialogue you will:

  • Learn how to be receptive to your Type’s Holy Idea and recognize them in others
  • Feel more ease and freedom as you replace efforting with trust
  • Relax the automatic defensive patterns of your Type and open to Presence, Grace and Joy in your life

In order to gain the benefits from participation in this class students should be familiar with the Enneagram system and have developed a capacity for inner observation and personal presence. Ideal preparation includes the classes in the Foundations stage and the Barriers to Spiritual Freedom Series. It is presented in six 2-2½ hour sessions.





When: TBD

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Cost: $150 for six-week course;

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Author: Jim Wampler

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