Why the AEA and Racial Inequality

Why the AEA and Racial Inequality

On our upcoming workshop, Creating a Unified World with the Enneagram: Healing Racial Inequality

Part of embracing all of humanity requires that we do our individual work and bring ourselves together in a community. The collective work is to face our biases. By doing this, we will stop functioning on autopilot, without stereotypes, re-enacting our human drama. As practitioners of the Enneagram, there is intentional work that is needed in order to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion through our nine different lenses. We know that the Enneagram brilliantly illuminates this work.” Dr. Deborah Egerton

Maybe you’re wondering why the AEA is hosting a workshop about racial inequality. Why would we take the Enneagram into an arena that, for many, has become “political”? The simple answer is that we see nothing political about the basic human right of equality — but there is more.

As an organization that has a deep commitment to spreading the power of the Enneagram as a tool for transformation, we submit that the AEA not only should get involved, we must. We hold in our hands a tool that helps us understand the unique experience of “other”. Through it, we learn to honor and appreciate differences. We become more aware of our own thoughts, beliefs, emotions and judgments. We learn about our own triggers and blind spots and how to manage ourselves when we feel frightened, hurt and angry. When we take this work beyond its basic level, we begin to change and, when we change, those around us change.

If you have ever listened with presence and receptivity to someone speak their heart’s truth in an Enneagram workshop then you know what we’re talking about. You have experienced the power of compassion – at a deep level. Our world needs this – we need understanding, compassion, self-awareness; we need to manage our reactivity and hear each other. We need to be able to speak honestly, listen deeply and take right action. It’s time – it is way past time.

So we are “going there” and we hope that you will go there with us — and be a part of transformational change!

Jaye Andres, AEA Executive Director
Erlina Edwards, AEA President

Author: AEA

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