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This past March, the AEA presented a workshop with Richard Rohr, OFM. At our lunchtime break, we had a special presentation given by Susan Olesek, Victor Soto and Elam Chance from the Enneagram Prison Project.
The audience was inspired by Susan’s vision to bring the Enneagram tool into the prisons. Not only has she been successful in the programs she is created around the world, the presentations by Victor and Elam sharing their experiences and journey unfold as they were exposed to the Enneagram had a deep impact on the audience. If you have not had the opportunity to hear or speak to Victor and/or Elam, I suggest reading articles they have submitted on the EPP website by clicking here or watching the video that the EPP has created.
The day following their presentation, a group of us from the AEA met with Susan, Victor, and Elam for a more in depth look at the EPP. As we talked about the vision of the EPP, we asked about how we can support EPP and hopefully open some doors in Arizona. If you have connections in Arizona or would like to join our AEA Outreach Committee, please contact us at volunteers@arizonaenneagram.org. If you reside outside of Arizona and have connections in your city or state where you live, please reach out to Susan so we may help continue to spread the word of the Enneagram Prison Project. There are many ways each of us can contribute to EPP. It only takes one of us to start a change. Thank you Susan, Victor and Elam for inspiring the Arizona Enneagram Association as well as our audience.
Jennifer Glazar
AEA Chair of Marketing/Website

Author: AEA

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