RECAP: 9 Shades of Shame | April 27, 2019

RECAP: Nine Shades of Shame

“It’s not okay to make mistakes.”

“It’s not okay to have your own feelings and identity.”

“It’s not okay to trust yourself.”


We all have messages that play over and over in our head and control how we view ourselves, or how we think the world views us. In this one day workshop, Linda Kriesel did an outstanding job leading us through how shame is triggered, how to recognize how shame turns up in each Enneagram Type, and strategies that we can use to help recover and heal our own shame.

The willingness of the panel participants to let us hear how they cope with shame and share their own experiences was quite moving. We might have different stories, but the feelings are the same. Shame is just our experience, it is not our essence.

Jen Glazar

Author: Nancy Siner

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