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Enneagram Tests

We are often asked about Enneagram tests. Whether you take a test or not, you will still want to spend some time reading about the types in more depth to verify your type. Any test is a starting point. That’s because people have similar behaviors, but the motivation that drives the behavior can be quite different. And it is the motivation behind the behavior that is at the heart of the Enneagram. It’s about why we do what we do that is important and that sets the Enneagram apart from other “personality typing” systems. The motivation that drives our behavior is the distinguishing factor between Enneagram “look-alikes” – i.e. types that behave similarly but for different reasons. If you take a test, you will still need to spend some time in self-observation and reflection in order to know your type. And that’s good, because the Enneagram is all about increasing self-awareness.


If you wish to take a test/assessment, here are 3 good ones that are quite affordable.

Enneagram Worldwide $10

Enneagram Institute $12

Wagner Enneagram Personality Styles Scale $10


You can also find a self-test In David Daniel’s introductory Enneagram book:

The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide — Revised & Updated by David Daniels and Virginia Price


If after taking a test, you want help discerning among a few types, we recommend a typing interview with one of our Certified Enneagram Professionals.

Institutions Offering Enneagram Certifications

TNE – The Narrative Enneagram

Enneagram Institute – Russ Hudson

Enneagram Spectrum – Jerome Wagner

Chestnut – Paes 

Integrative Enneagram Solutions – iEQ9

The Enneagram in Business

Note: The International Enneagram Association offers accreditation for teachers and professionals, training programs, and schools. It does not offer Enneagram certification programs.