Path to Integration

Thoughts by Renee Siegel and Andrea Andress

During the IEA (International Enneagram Association) Conference this last week in Denver, there were many exciting workshops to attend. There was a tract on Integral Integration, describing the collaboration of the work of Ken Wilbur and the Enneagram. The implications of integrating these two systems are far-reaching and global. In addition, many workshops spoke to the workings of the three inner triangles – the 3,6,9 and the 2,5,8 and the 1,4,7. We are all familiar with the 3,6,9 triangle, but the other two are not often discussed. These inner triangles provide each type with movement between each of the centers of intelligence, head, heart, and body.

In looking at the usual Enneagram diagram that includes the arrows of movement between types, several types are moving between only two centers of intelligence and not all three. The types are the 2, 4, 5 and 7. The Enneagram diagram for the two shows movement between two heart types and a body type. The Enneagram diagram for a four shows movement between two heart types and a head type and the Enneagram diagram for a five shows movement between two head types and a body type and the Enneagram diagram for a seven shows movement between two head types and a body type. As one observes the arrows of movement between type, each of these four types is missing one of the centers of intelligence.

All human beings need all three centers of intelligence to be healthy and vibrant. It only makes sense that when we move between a head type, heart type and gut type we have access to intuiting, thinking and feeling – all of which are important aspects of ourselves. Each center offers us something unique and holds value in our lives.

I know for my self, as a character type 2 that my center of intelligence is the heart. I am most easily aware of emotions, both in my self and in others. It is easy for my to spot emotion, so much so sometimes, that I tend to overlook what my body is experiencing and I can even overlook the logic and importance of gathering facts and other information. My emotional body seems to run the show and although this offers me a rich experience, it is a more full-bodied experience to be aware of what is going in my body and head along with my emotions.

Renee Siegel

The process of the 3 triangles with a foothold in each center was eye-opening. While it does not negate the movement of types with the Enneagram diagram, it does give voice to what many have been experiencing. We all connect with the heart, the mind and the body (some days better than others). Just one more way that the Enneagram shows us what we are doing, when we choose to pay attention. Definitely worth studying and observing.

Rev. Andrea Andress

Posted by Andrea Andress

Author: Jim Wampler

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