ONLINE COURSE: Exploring Your Enneagram Type: Why You Do What You Do | April 20-May 30, 2020

Our personality type is who we think we are; who we really are is much more. The structure of our personality type helps us get along in the world, manage our difficulties, do good work and interact with others. However, too strong an identification with our personality type limits our freedom to experience and act from what spiritual teachers of many traditions call the True or Inner Self. This course is designed to examine our personality structure, as defined by the Enneagram of Personality Types. The Enneagram (Any-a-gram) is a system of understanding personality from the standpoint of the core motivations that drive behavior—in other words, why we do what we do. The purpose of this course is to loosen the hold the personality type structure has over our perceptions, beliefs and actions thereby opening us to more conscious choices in our behaviors and a deeper connection to True Self and our higher spiritual qualities of being.


In this course we will develop the strength of the Inner Observer in order to objectively and gently become aware of and examine the mental and emotional habits and patterns of our personality type including:

• Identification: the roles and behaviors we adopt in our life—who we are in the eyes of others

• Where attention goes: how we filter experience by what we pay attention to

• Idealization: Our idealized self; the self we strive to be, often at all costs

• Secondary Gain: How we are rewarded by the world for our difficult type-related patterns

• The driving emotional habit of Type (known as the passion of the type)

• Strategies, defense mechanisms, avoidances


ET is a six-week facilitated online course that takes place in Moodle (our online learning platform). Participation in the course primarily takes place asynchronously (that is, not “live” at the same time); however, on occasion some or all of the class will meet “live” via web conference (dates and times TBD). Each week includes, at a minimum, a combination of readings and/or video viewing and active participation in the threaded (Forum) discussion(s). More importantly, the course factors in the experiential components of reflective exercises and spiritual practices, designed to appropriate the course contents for practical and concrete application to one’s life and work.


Daniels, David, M.D. and Price, Virginia, Ph.D. The Essential Enneagram


Wagner, Jerome, Nine Lenses on the World Vancil, Marilyn, Self to Lose, Self to Find



Online Workshop!


April 20-May 30, 2020


Online (Six week e-Course)


$190 per person Limited to 20 participants

Author: Nancy Siner

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