Navigating Turbulent Times

Navigating Turbulent Times

With the pandemic still spreading and divisions rife within our country, it’s normal to feel weary. We have all had enough of the stress and anxiety. It’s more important than ever to resource ourselves in healthy ways – sufficient rest, laughter, exercise, and those little ways we can still treat ourselves to something special.

The AEA also offers healthy resources to help you that go way beyond a personality typing system. These include ways to come together in community through online meetups and workshops where you can interact with people who “get” you at a core level. All of our workshops offer processes and practices that help you manage your reactivity during stressful times and aid you in finding greater peace within.

Sure, it’s helpful and interesting to know your Enneagram Type and its basic characteristics, but the greater benefit comes with a deeper dive into understanding the automatic patterns, habits and reactions of your personality. With gentle recognition, understanding and acceptance of your Type, you learn how to move beyond the habitual patterns that don’t serve you. We don’t have control over what happens in the world. All we can control is how we react – or, preferably, respond. All we can control is the degree to which we cause our own suffering.

To that end, in 2021, we are bringing back our signature “core curriculum” in one-day workshop formats. These are designed to help you better understand and move beyond your mental and emotional habits (your default settings, so to speak) and to provide you with practices and resources to help sustain you in everyday life and in times of adversity. Through gentle processes, you will come to greater freedom of thought and expression, and a deeper receptivity to your Self and others.

January brought the foundational workshop on What are the Nine Types and a workshop on Reconnecting to the Holy Ideas as a follow-up to the Virtues workshop offered last year. The upcoming event in February is Subtype Behavior and Instinctual Energies. This often misunderstood relationship gets brilliantly clarified in this workshop and adds a significant layer to the understanding of Type. June and July will bring workshops on the Mental Habits of Type as well as Habits of Emotions and Defense Mechanisms. These workshops are all core to a deeper understanding of self and the ability to move beyond stuck patterns of type. This fall we will again offer our Barriers to Spiritual Freedom as a residential retreat in Tucson.

AEA provides something for everyone so, in addition to “core curriculum” workshops, beginning in March, we will offer the Relationships Workshops revised from those offered in 2020.We will also be holding Special Topic workshops and Special Events with outside speakers (we have Deborah Ooten joining us March 13th for a workshop on Spiral Dynamics and the Enneagram.) And….stay tuned for an announcement on our fall Special Event!

So be sure to read our newsletters and check our website for details (link to Speaking of our website, we are excited to announce that we are in the process of designing a much needed new site to be operational by the end of the first quarter!

We are here to help you not just survive, but thrive, to help you lead your best life – one filled with love, joy and peace. We look forward to connecting with you in 2021.

Jaye Andres, AEA Executive Director
Erlina Edwards, AEA Board President

Author: AEA

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