WORKSHOP: Moving Beyond the Mental Patterns of Your Type | June 12

Moving Beyond the Mental Patterns of Your Type

Date: June 12, 2021
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. AZ/PDT
Note: AZ does not observe daylight savings time. The Time Zone Converter
Format: Online via Zoom
Cost: $125 – AEA Membership and Young Adult discounts available. Scholarships Available

Are you ready to free yourself from your personality’s automatic, reactive behaviors? The first step is to become aware of your habitual, often unconscious patterns.

Our personality type is who we think we are; who we really are is much more. You can think of personality as a filter that is based on a set of beliefs that you have about yourself and the world. This filter determines what you pay attention to. And what you pay attention to reinforces what you believe and how you behave. It’s one giant feedback loop; a kind of trance. This trance is automatic and often unconscious. But reality is far more and our choices greater than what our filters are allowing into our experience. 

The key to breaking your trance is to develop what is called the inner observer – the capacity to observe your own mental and emotional habits and resulting behaviors. That is the heart of the work that we do in this highly interactive workshop as we examine the mental patterns of Type – known in the Enneagram as the Fixations. Through teachings, exercises, practices and dialogues you will learn:

  • The mental pattern (fixation) of your Type
  • How to open your focus to a broader view of reality
  • The relationship between your fixation and your behavior

And that means:

  • Greater freedom of experience and understanding of self and others
  • Some “space” from which to respond instead of reacting out of habit that leads to greater ease in your relationship with self and others
  • More presence to your life and experiences

This workshop is part of the AEA Core Curriculum. Recommended preparation:  Students should be familiar with the Enneagram model and know their core Enneagram Type.

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Jaye Andres is a certified Enneagram Professional (Narrative Tradition) and a certified Life Coach. She is one of the founders of the Arizona Enneagram Association, served as President of the board and is currently AEA Executive Director.  Jaye has lived and worked internationally, in Thailand, Zambia and Rwanda. She holds degrees in Psychology and Business (MBA).

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