SERIES: Instinctual Energies and the Enneagram Subtypes

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try you can’t quite feel safe and secure, or experience deep intimacy and connection or feel that you truly belong in this world?

In the Foundations of Enneagram Subtypes class, we teach that all mammals have 3 instinctual energies that drive them to seek survival, intimacy in one-to-one bonding, and for social belonging. In humans these are expressed through our Enneagram type via what are known as subtypes. These affect our behavior in the arenas of relationship to oneself, to another individual and to social groups. We all have all 3 instinctual drives but, typically, during the socialization process one of these three drives becomes most important to the individual, resulting in a preference behaviorally for one of the 3 subtypes:

Self-Preservation – concerned primarily with matters of personal survival (food, clothing, shelter, comfort)

Sexual  – also known as One to One – concerned primarily with connection with another

Social –  focus is on the group – how to show up in community

In this class, Instinctual Energies and the Enneagram Subtypes, we will work backward, so to speak, through observation of the subtype behaviors to identify the movement of the instinctual energies that gave rise to the behaviors in the first place. The subtype behaviors have actually obscured the experience of the instinctual energies that were at the heart of the development of the behaviors in the first place. Most of us try to satisfy all 3 instinctual drives through one set of subtype behaviors.

What’s the benefit of doing this? It puts us in touch with what is always accessible – the deep knowing that we are safe and secure, loved and affirmed, powerful in a grounded way. It leads us into deeper authenticity and presence when we know that we don’t have to strategize to get something that we think is missing but rather open to receive the wholeness that is available to us.

Through exercises, practices and dialogue you will identify and deepen your understanding of your subtype and how your subtype’s focus of attention affects your behavior and relationships. The intent is to become aware of the instinctual energies that manifest as behaviors and to open the body center to the experience of Essence.

The pre-requisite for this class is The Foundations of the Enneagram Subtypes or similar preparation. Students should also be familiar with the Enneagram model of personality types by taking The Development and Structure of Enneagram Personality Type or similar preparation.  The class is presented in four 2-2 ½ hour sessions.








6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.




$100 for the four-week, 10 hour course


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