AEA SERIES: Habits of Emotions and Defenses

How would you like to experience increased emotional freedom and less defensiveness? This can be achieved by loosening the habitual, unconscious patterns of your Enneagram personality type.

Personality is a self-concept that builds in childhood and is firmly in place by the time we are adults. It’s a highly sophisticated set of beliefs, behaviors and reactions that have been tried out and reinforced over time creating automatic, unconscious patterns and habits. Some of these patterns serve us well, others do not. Our personality type is who we think we are; who we really are is much more.

Some of these habits and patterns are mental ones and are the topics explored in the AEA class, Type as False Identification. In this class, we examine the emotional habits and defenses that hold our type structure in place.

The objectives of this class are to recognize one’s habits of emotion (known as passions in the Enneagram system) and to deepen our understanding of our type’s defense mechanisms as well as to lessen the need for being defensive.

The defense mechanism is an unconscious habit that serves to protect our view of ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. By the time our personality type is firmly in place, we no longer see the world the way IT is, we see it as WE are.

The awareness and loosening of our defensive barriers and emotional habits lead to greater spiritual, psychological and emotional freedom. We experience more ease in our life and our relationships. We are able to contact the essential qualities of Being such as Innocence, Balance, Courage and Serenity.

Class format is highly interactive and includes exercises, practices, and dialogue that awaken the intuitive knowing of the Inner Observer and qualities of Presence. Topics include the passion, virtue, defense mechanism, projection and avoidance of each of the Enneagram types.

Recommended preparation: Students need to be familiar with the Enneagram model by taking F1: The Development and Structure of Enneagram Personality Type or similar preparation.  This class is typically offered in a 6-week small group class in 2-2 ½ hour sessions.





When: TBA
Time: 6:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Where: Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, Room TBD
Cost: $150 for this 15 hour, six-week course
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Author: Jim Wampler

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