Enneagram Type: Interviews

A “typing interview” is a personal discovery session with a certified Enneagram professional that assists you in finding your Enneagram personality type.

A certified Enneagram Professional will assist you by asking questions that help distinguish among the nine basic types. This is helpful because the Enneagram’s type distinctions are based on the motivation underlying behavior. There are some types that behave similarly but for very different motivational reasons (these we call look-alikes). Because of that, it can be very helpful to get the input of an Enneagram professional to help one make distinctions between such look-alikes.

It is not the purpose of a typing interview to “nail” the type. Rather, the professional doing the interview will give you their impressions based on your interview – usually suggesting you take a deeper look at one type and whatever strong look-alikes exist to that. A basic tenet of the Enneagram is that it is an inside job – meaning, that only you can say what is true for you at a motivational level.

Therefore you have the last word on your type. You do not need to rush into determining what that is because the very process of observing yourself – your behavior and the “why” of it – will create self-awareness. And self-awareness in and of itself begins to effect change.

Typical time allotted for this activity is an hour to an hour and a half.

Find an AEA Professional Member for a Typing Interview

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