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Not being a writer, blogger or comedian, the question came to me, “What do I blog about?” Fortunately during the wee hours of yesterday morning, the idea emerged from books I was streaming into in my half waking state. When I awoke, of course, I realized right away what to blog about — the Holy Ideas! Well, that was grace! With the May 2014, Spiritual Freedom event right around the corner in my mind (the nine point of view covers a wide span) I had a blog—Holy Love!

Very early on in my Enneagram studies, 1999 or so, I realized I could not understand my nine passion, sloth/falling asleep/ self forgetting, without looking at my holy idea—Holy Love. That became an important effort on my spiritual path. I read, Facets of Unity, a couple of times, studied it diligently along with anything else I could find on the subject. I knew it was important to work with the passion sloth/falling asleep/self forgetting, but as I came to “Remember the Love,” my mantra that emerged out of my study in the follow-on class, my understanding of my passion also deepened, both, taking on the character of wholeness; not eliminating the passion, but transforming it.

These many years later, I have continued, but in many ways have just begun again to understand the unity; I am love–I am right action supported by love–I am an expression of Divine Being. Oh my God, what a gift! This is the awakening. “Love is the doorway to oneness with all things,” according to Ram Dass. “Holy Love is the direct and perfect path to self-remembering, self-discovery and self-realization,” as spoken by Almas in, Facets of Unity.

These truths coincide with my own experience. The ever present task in this life is to sustain the awakening.

Now I have my blog to share with you!

Join us May 8-12, in Tucson for an experience of the Holy Ideas through the expertise of our magnificent teachers.

Mary Bencomo

Posted by Andrea Andress

Author: Jim Wampler

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