RECAP: The Enneagram and Effective Communication | March 23, 2019

The Enneagram and Effective Communication

In this workshop, participants explored:

1. How nine different communication styles develop from Enneagram types. 2. Their own communication style and its unintended distortions which impact other people. 3. Maximizing their communication strengths and minimize their challenges. 4. Practicing skills for effective communication and mutual understanding. 5. How to create rapport and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

I have been to many workshops, and Sandy’s was one of the VERY best ever. My wonderful Enneagram coach back in Minnesota was right — the Arizona AEA puts on wonderful programs! I use the Enneagram virtually every day, and the information you shared is especially helpful.

Kristi F.

This was a one-day workshop offered by the AEA.

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Author: Nancy Siner

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