RECAP: Moving Beyond the Defenses of Our Type | June 8, 2019

Moving Beyond the Defenses of Our Type

Participants found this workshop to be “Awesome – very well organized!”

“I really appreciated how Jaye emphasized the “why” and not just the characteristics.”

“This is a wonderful tool for myself as a life coach and for my clients.”

Moving beyond the defenses of your Type requires that, first of all, you understand what we call the “structure” of your Type. Through a combination of teaching and activities we examined various components of Type Structure including:

  • Our Worldview (The Truth we lost sight of and what we came to believe instead)
  • The narrow band of reality our attention gets focused on as a result of this Worldview
  • What we seek and what we avoid (often at all costs!)
  • The image we come to believe we must project in order to be loved (and get what we want and avoid what we don’t want)
  • The defense mechanism we use most often to support our particular Type Structure
  • Typical triggers and our resulting behavior when triggered

When any aspect of our Type Structure is “challenged” by other people or events we tend to become triggered and reactive. Moving beyond defensiveness is a life-long journey. Practices were introduced to assist participants to continue to self-observe, to be more present and to relax habitual patterns in order to consciously respond to life instead of being on auto-pilot. The payoff is more ease and flow in your life, less stress and better communication (with both self and others!).

One Day Workshop!


Saturday, June 8, 2019


9:00am – 4:00pm


CrossRoads UMC | 7901 N. Central Avenue | Phoenix, AZ 85020

Author: Nancy Siner

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