SERIES: Type as False Identification

Type as False Identification

Are you ready to free yourself from your personality’s automatic, reactive behaviors ?

A dictionary definition of personality is “the totality of an individual’s behavioral and emotional characteristics.” Some may simply say, “It’s “who I am.”  Personality type is a self-concept that builds in childhood and is firmly in place by the time we are adults. It’s a highly sophisticated set of beliefs, behaviors and reactions that have been tried out and reinforced over time creating automatic, unconscious patterns and habits. Some of these patterns serve us well, others do not.

Our personality is who we think we are; who we really are is much more.  Our personality type helps us to get along in the world, to do good work and interact with others in loving ways.  However, too strong an identification with our Type limits our freedom to experience and act from what teachers of many traditions call the True or Inner Self.

In this class, you will clarify and deepen your understanding that personality is not all of who you are but rather is a structure that is formed and held in place by habits of attention. What does that mean? You can think of personality as a filter that is based on a set of beliefs that you have adopted about the world. This filter determines what you pay attention to. And what you pay attention to reinforces what you believe.  And what you believe determines how you behave.  It’s one giant feedback loop; a kind of trance. But reality is far broader than what our filters are allowing into our experience.  In any situation, we have many choices open to us as to how to react and yet most of the time we fall into automatic patterns of response.

The key to breaking this “trance of type” is to develop what is called the “inner observer” – the capacity to observe one’s own behavior and motivation without judgment. That is the heart of the work that we do in this highly interactive class through exercises, practices and dialogues on the habits of attention and other facets of our type structure such as idealization, identification, and secondary gain.

This is the first class in a series on reducing the barriers to spiritual freedom. Students need to be familiar with the Enneagram system by taking a basic level class or other preparation. It is typically offered in a 6 week small group class for 2-2 ½  hours.









3:00 to 5:30 p.m., each Wednesday afternoon for 6 weeks




$150 | 15 hours, Six-week series, includes class materials

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