AEA Monthly Meetup

Fear and anxiety at the coming of the new year hits us all. Recognizing ours fears comes first, then learning to cope. But beyond coping with fears, we will explore alternative ways to break through our patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing when faced with fear.

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WORKSHOP: Exploring the Enneagram Subtypes | February 23, 2019

Knowing the subtype can help those having trouble identifying their type by highlighting the wired-in, biological drives in human behavior.

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WORKSHOP: Exploring the 9 Enneagram Types | February 2, 2019

Knowing your personality type sets you on a path of deeper understanding of self and others that can assist you in moving past triggers, blocks, and blind spots.

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5 Day Intensive | Working with the Barriers | May 2-6, 2019 | Reserve your space today!

The Spiritual Freedom Series and class courses lead you beyond a cognitive knowledge of type into a more profound experience of self.

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