The Open Paradigm

by Terry Favour Just lately I have been talking to Don Salmon. He and his wife, Jan Maslow, authored the book Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Consciousness. Seeing through the Eyes of Infinity. Their book is a “comprehensive study of psychology based on the synthesis of the yoga tradition presented by 20th-century Indian philosopher-sage Aurobindo Ghose.” (Backcover) Recently at the AEA held “Barriers to...

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Layers and Layers

Layers & Layers by Jaye Andres One of the things I love about the Enneagram is it’s many layers. It doesn’t seem to matter how long I work with it – there are always new, deeper places into which it shines some insightful light. My most recent experience was at the AEA’s “Working with the Barriers to Spiritual Freedom” program held in Tucson in May. This was an intensive 5 day workshop designed to process deeply what the Enneagram...

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Pesky Projection

By Robin Cameron As we/the AEA prepare for Working with Barriers to Spiritual Freedom in mid-may in Tucson, I’ve been working on the piece around “Projection” and the Defense Mechanism System. Doing this, I can’t help recall a statement made by one of our narrative teachers Peter O’Hanrahan – that our problems with each other don’t have so much to do with our Enneagram type, but with our defense mechanisms, that is, the defense...

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What we expect and what we really want — seen through the Enneagram Vice/Virtues

Palm Sunday Expectations of a Savior by Rev. Andrea Andress The journey of Holy Week starts with the joy and party spirit of Palm Sunday. The expectations at the start of the journey will go quickly downhill to the cross and on to the dark tomb before Easter morning shines. There is no way to the empty tomb but by way of the cross. Psalms 23 long ago reminded people that you must travel “through the valley of the shadow of death”...

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Know Who You Are… How You React… What Drives You

The Underlying Neurobiology of the Enneagram’s 3 Centers of Intelligence Presented by David Daniels, M.D. and Jack Killen, M.D. By Jaye Andres

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How Would Knowing the Enneagram Benefit Me?

By Rev. Andrea Andress (This article was previously published in EANT’S TALK JOURNAL – Jan 2011. It was written as an introduction to Christians in a local church who had questions about how the Enneagram could benefit them and be relevant to their lives as Christians.) When introducing the Enneagram to members of my church, I considered the history and vocabulary of the Enneagram and my spiritual community. Members want to be...

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Vital Relationships – why the David Daniels workshop can help you and your relationships

By Francesca Lyons Relationship (ri la shen ship), n. 1. a connection, association, or involvement. Relationship is a fundamental and dynamic aspect of life that animates our very being. Vital relationships, indeed, are the foundation upon which we thrive or wither. Partnership demonstrates the differences between you and another. Each of us can be telling the truth, yet each can have a different story to tell.You may look at your...

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The Path of a Type Three

By Gerry Fathauer I first heard of the Enneagram from a Type Seven co-worker in January 1994. She was particularly well-read and made her way into many experiences I was simply too busy to consider. But when she told me about a psychological tool that could also have spiritual aspects to it, I had to know more! As luck would have it, an introductory class was starting later that month at the Franciscan Renewal Center, so another...

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2009 International Enneagram Association (IEA) Conference – Las Vegas

By Jaye Andres Wow, look at the options! Knowledge, knowledge everywhere. How to choose? Augh, I want to go to three workshops that are all held at the same time! I remind myself that the sessions are recorded I can buy the CDs relax, already. With two and a half days of workshops divided into four sessions per day there is no shortage of topics represented; from traditional teachings to cutting edge creativity. Whatever your interest...

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