WORKSHOP: Exploring the 9 Enneagram Types | February 1, 2020

Knowing your personality type sets you on a path of deeper understanding of self and others that can assist you in moving past triggers, blocks, and blind spots.

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ONLINE COURSE: Exploring Your Enneagram Type: Why You Do What You Do | May 13-June 22, 2019

Our personality type is who we think we are; who we really are is much more.

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2019 FALL SPECIAL EVENT: The 9 Keys of Transformation | November 2-3, 2019

“What do we need to consider when using the Enneagram to do real inner work that leads to real change?” Through a mix of lecture, group discussion, and small group activities Bea and Uranio will answer that question by exploring 9 keys to personal transformation implicit in the Enneagram system.

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WORKSHOP: 9 Paths Through the 5 Love Languages | September 28, 2019

More deeply understand your personal relationships by learning where the Enneagram and the Love Languages influence you and your loved ones.

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RECAP: Moving Beyond the Defenses of Our Type | June 8, 2019

How are you triggered and reactive? Reflect on your defense mechanisms and how to loosen your reactivity.

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RECAP: 9 Shades of Shame | April 27, 2019

Explore the differences in how each number is triggered, experiences, and recovers from shame.

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RECAP: The Enneagram and Effective Communication | March 23, 2019

Recap of the one day workshop that explored cultivating the consciousness, skill, and flexibility to communicate effectively with all Enneagram types.

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Experiencing Spiritual Freedom | Spring 2020 | Tucson, AZ

Part 2: Experiencing Spiritual Freedom | A Five-day Intensive Course in Tucson, Arizona The Spiritual Freedom Series and class courses lead you beyond a cognitive knowledge of type into a more profound experience of self. They were developed over the course of eight years by dedicated teachers in Arizona as follow-on classes to Helen Palmer’s workshop series on spiritual freedom, in order to internalize and embody those teachings....

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AEA Monthly Meetup

Certain spiritual practices may be more helpful than others to address our type-specific problems. Explore more at this month’s meetup!

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