Russ Hudson | October 31 – Nov 1, 2015

The Enneagram of Emergence: Exploring the Higher Aspects Special Guest: Russ Hudson | Enneagram Institute One of the most amazing things about the Enneagram is that it maps out not only the different patterns of personality, but also a broad range of profound inner states—the very source of creativity and spiritual illumination. It shows us that there are many dimensions to our consciousness, and that while we may have some genuine...

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Spiritual Freedom Retreat 2014

Thanks to all who participated in this life-changing, deeply inspiring event. Each and every attendee was a key part of the collective whole of the group, and the learnings and deepened connections to self, that took place....

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Touching Essence: Grounded Presence

A Very Big Thanks to Terry Saracino and Marion Gilbert Terry Saracino and Marion Gilbert presented an enneagram conference: Touching Essence: Grounded presence with somatic wisdom of the types March 29-30 at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, Paradise Valley Arizona.  It was hosted by the Arizona Enneagram Association (AEA) and attended by 86 individuals from around the country and one from Italy.  We had time for individual...

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“In the After Glow” Part II

AEA December Blog – Robin Cameron – Part II “In the After Glow – Reflections on “Love, Spirit and Relationships” with David Daniels and Russ Hudson Interspersed throughout the Daniels/Hudson weekend were one-two-and three liners that themselves could be workshop-starters. Here are my personal favorites: When introduced to the Enneagram by Helen Palmer, I recognized the patterns that I already was discovering on my own. DD Early on, I...

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“In the After Glow” Reflections

AEA December Blog – by Robin Cameron – Part I “In the After Glow” Reflections on time with David Daniels and Russ Hudson at “Love, Spirit and Relationships” I felt immense gratitude as I experienced a new level of understanding through a score of profound moments at our recent Daniels/Hudson AEA workshop on Love, Spirit and Relationships. Many insights caught my attention, the panel work went to new depths,...

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Comments On Richard Rohr Workshop- Feb 2011

By Caislin Weathers, Ph.D. It was very rich to spend a day and a half with Richard February 11-12, just listening in a relaxed and beautiful setting at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. Richard just was, and he exuded the Enneagram. The gathering was not too large—100 or so. A special opportunity was given to the Professional Members to have the afternoon before the conference in a small informal session. There Richard talked...

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Vital Relationships – why the David Daniels workshop can help you and your relationships

By Francesca Lyons Relationship (ri la shen ship), n. 1. a connection, association, or involvement. Relationship is a fundamental and dynamic aspect of life that animates our very being. Vital relationships, indeed, are the foundation upon which we thrive or wither. Partnership demonstrates the differences between you and another. Each of us can be telling the truth, yet each can have a different story to tell.You may look at your...

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