About AEA

Our Mission

To provide opportunities to grow in self-awareness, compassionate understanding, and better relationships.

Recognizing the patterns of my Type and of the other Types allows me to be more conscious and aware, which in turn allows me to be more present in relationship.– M.R.

Our Core Values

  • Transformation Toward Wholeness
  • Building Conscious Community
  • Mind, Body, Heart Integration
  • Self-awareness, Self-actualization, and Authenticity

Our Core Purpose

To contribute to the unfolding and expansion of the consciousness of humanity.


The Arizona Enneagram Association (AEA) was founded as a nonprofit organization in 2008. We strive to further the teachings and promote the Enneagram for the residents and greater communities of the state of Arizona and beyond.

In addition to teaching the Enneagram,
it is the purpose of the AEA to:



  • Enhance communication and networking within the Enneagram community
  • Assist in the continuing personal and professional development of our members
  • Increase awareness of the Enneagram
  • Support our Enneagram teachers, coaches, and practitioners
  • Serve as a referral source for those seeking Enneagram information, teachers, coaches and practitioners

Nonprofit Status

 The AEA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, and contributions made to support AEA are tax deductible.

Some fourteen years ago, I met the Enneagram work; thus, began a profound journey that has enriched my life beyond words.– Mary Bencomo