“It has been a great pleasure to present my work to the membership of the Arizona Enneagram Association because it is such an alive, beautiful community of Enneagram enthusiasts deeply committed to doing extremely high-quality work related to self-understanding and self-development. The people I’ve met there are both experienced and dedicated to their own inner journey and open to and excited by new ideas that further our collective inner work in real ways.” ~  Beatrice Chestnut, Author of The Complete Enneagram:27 Paths to Greater Knowledge and 9 Types of Leadership

“I highly recommend the Working with the Barriers to Spiritual Freedom and Experiencing Spiritual Freedom intensives, led by Gloria Cuevas-Barnett, Carole Whittaker, and Robin Cameron. I attended the intensives in 2013 and 2016 respectively.
The unique combination of the teaching, the inner practices, the materials, and the setting (one of my favorite places) provides an experience that reaches beyond its individual pieces.
As a Type One, I know that I received and embodied something special, because during the intensive I experienced the peace and serenity in my body, joy in my heart, and an experiential intellectual understanding of the Holy Ideas, not an easy task. I loved it!  This is an experience that only comes by immersing yourself in this intensive work.
Consequently, I was grateful and happy to purchase the teaching materials, including videos, handouts, and practices, that I could never create on my own. I used them in classes when I wanted to take a class beyond the personality description to a deeper place. 
I am grateful for the experience and hope others can experience the intensive as I did.”
~Joyce Plaza Board member of the Narrative Enneagram (TNE) and Chair of the TNE Membership Committee.

“Working with Barriers to Spiritual Freedom” provided me a deepening experience unparalleled by other Enneagram programs in my 20 years of working with the Enneagram.  The curriculum is superb, and the teaching is as warm and delightful as it is excellent.”~ Gerry Fathauer, Certified Enneagram Teacher

“Some fourteen years ago, I met the Enneagram work; thus, began a profound journey that has enriched my life beyond words. Carol and Gloria played a great part in that experience through the follow-on classes. They provided extensive opportunity through these classes to work on inner experience through self observation, meditation and discussion.  In our society today, it is uncommon to meet such a spiritual challenge, such an opportunity.  I cannot ever fully express my gratitude to these women for their creativity, patient sharing and efforts in behalf of this work.”~ Mary Bencomo

“Robin presented the fundamentals of the Enneagram to our 11th Hour Companion volunteers at Hospice of the Valley which was very well received.  One volunteer’s response was:  “the class was an experience beyond my wildest expectations.  I was bug-eyed the whole time and couldn’t wait to share the information with my wife.  We’re learning together and it is a wonderful (additional) bonding experience for us both.”  We are looking forward to Robin’s next presentation at the end of the year.”~ Lynn Tolmachoff, Hospice of the Valley, 11th Hour Companion Program Manager

What have been the benefits to you of being involved in the AEA community and learning the Enneagram?

The pace is operating in numerous levels to continue to learn how I tick and cope. You never feel lost since the teachings always take time to listen.~ Mary lives in Scottsdale

Great social experience and better appreciation of the self.~ Michael K.

After learning about my Type 2-which changed my life drastically! Coming to Meetups and learning of all the other Types has pushed me even further.~ Geri H.

I am more centered, happier and less reactive. Life changing!~ Sheila G.

Recognizing the patterns of my Type and of the other Types allows me to be more conscious and aware which in turn allows me to be more present in relationship.~ Mira R.