AEA RECAP: 2017 Fall Workshop: Beatrice Chestnut with Uranio Paes

Bea is back!!! You’re in for a treat! – join us for this interactive, NEW workshop on November 4th through 5th… Beatrice Chestnut with Special Guest Uranio Paes presents… The Way of the Arrows: Using the Enneagram Symbol as a Path For Growth “Bea’s and Uranio’s teaching together is increasingly seamless. Bea, a Type 2, offers an approach grounded in psychology and therapy, and Uranio, a Type 5,...

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AEA EVENT-RECAP- 2018 Spring Workshop with Michael Goldberg | April 21-22, 2018

An Enneagram Odyssey: Journey Beyond the Story of your Type Special Guests: Michael Goldberg “Every journey has a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.” –Martin Buber Deeply rooted in ancient tradition, the Enneagram types are stories that we tell ourselves and each other about how we make our place in the world and what really matters. Ultimately, these stories are about finding our way Home, to who we really are...

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AEA 2018 FALL Workshop with Russ Hudson | November 10-11, 2018

Russ is back! Join us November 10-11, 2018: Awakening to Our True Minds: Nine Ways of Knowing & Experiencing Reality If you attended Russ’s workshop at the AEA in 2015 on Exploring the Higher Aspects of Being, you know how impactful it was and how beautifully Russ embodied the concept of Presence. This November, Russ will take us deeper into an exploration of the higher mental qualities of the Enneagram Types. While the heart...

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Russ Hudson | October 31 – Nov 1, 2015

The Enneagram of Emergence: Exploring the Higher Aspects Special Guest: Russ Hudson | Enneagram Institute One of the most amazing things about the Enneagram is that it maps out not only the different patterns of personality, but also a broad range of profound inner states—the very source of creativity and spiritual illumination. It shows us that there are many dimensions to our consciousness, and that while we may have some genuine...

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