AEA Monthly Meetup

AEA Meetup

You might wonder, “What is a “Meetup?”

Wikipedia of course has an excellent definition:

Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest.”

Each month a different topic will be explored.

On July 20th- we will have Sunil Ahuja lead the discussion on Personal Development: Integrating the Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics

Join us for an interactive meetup to learn how these two systems can intersect and enhance personal development!

The Enneagram is primarily seen as a “horizontal” system, exploring the characteristics of different personality types. However, its true power lies as a path of personal development. David Daniels and Russ Hudson have referred to this. A.H. Almaas has explored this in detail as an integral aspect of his Diamond Approach system. Last May, Deborah Ooten presented a talk to our meetup on how a “vertical” development system called Spiral Dynamics can integrate with the Enneagram to provide further insight into our own personality and development process. Think of “horizontal” as a system that has buckets that are distinct, but not, in any way, better than each other. In “vertical” systems, we move from one level to the next, and at each level we experience expanding capacity.

We all intuitively understand that we grow, and that we are not quite the same person we were 10, or 5, or even a year ago. What most of us don’t know is that the process of adult development has been studied and researched by a number of teachers and researchers along different dimensions. Ken Wilber refers to these dimensions as “Lines” of development. We develop along cognitive, emotional, spiritual, moral, and many other lines. The second critical thing to understand is that we develop in “Stages.” The development process does not occur in a straight line, but more like a step function. When our life conditions change, we have to grow to meet those conditions. When our capacities now meet our external conditions, we can plateau and settle for a while, till the universe demands our next spurt.

Spiral Dynamics is the system that Ken Wilber chose to use as a example of the development process in many of his books. While primarily a “Values” line, it describes cognitive, emotional, and other aspects of each stage, and so is a great introductory model to start looking at adult development.

We will spend some time reviewing each stage of development, and how each stage integrates with each enneagram type. Then we will do interactive work to identify, or estimate your development stage, and use an inquiry process where you can explore how your stage and type effect your development process. Our intention is to leave you with a clearer understanding of the location and direction of your own growth process and an enhanced ability to work with it consciously.

Biography: Our presenter for the evening is Sunil Ahuja, who is also the meetup organizer, and an AEA board member. Sunil, the founder of Integral Transformation Systems, is a development trainer, consultant, and coach. His work focuses on the development of individual capacity across multiple intelligences: cognitive, emotional and spiritual, utilizing the Integral AQAL model, the Enneagram, and methodology to accelerate the development of these intelligences. Prior to his work in personal development, he had over twenty five years of professional experience in the corporate world as an IT project manager and consultant.

His publications include the co-authored article Business Leadership for an Evolving Planet, on transformational/dialectic thinking, published in the Integral Leadership Review. Conference presentations include Transforming Consciousness at the “Towards a Science of Consciousness” Conference, University of Arizona. He has designed the Discovering Your Life Purpose, Soul Dance: Transformation through Relationship, Inner Harmony Approach (Levels 1, 2 and 3), and Inner Harmony Yoga 500 hour Certification programs and workshops. Sunil’s qualifications include MSIA, MBA and B. Tech degrees. He is certified/licensed in Developmental Coaching and Assessment, Spiritual Intelligence assessment, Spiral Dynamics, Change Management, Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws for Business Success workshop and the Avatar Course.

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The Meetups are open to all of our members, those who know about the Enneagram, those who would like to know more, and to those who are brought by a friend. Come one, come all!!!




Thursday evening from 6:30 p.m.- 8:45 p.m.

Registration: Click HERE to register.

The 3rd Thursday evening of each month


6:30 p.m.- 8:45 p.m.


Paradise Valley United Methodist Church 4455 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 in Room H-7

Please park in the South parking lot to be close to Building H. There are 3 parking lots- one on the west side, one on the east side and one on the south. If you park on the west side, please follow the South Bridge to Building “E” and turn right to proceed to Building “H”. The classroom is downstairs on the west side of the building.

Please bring family, friends and co-workers.


$10.00/per person or $5.00/per person who is a current AEA Member will be collected at the door

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Registration in advance is extremely helpful in order to provide class notes, adequate seating, and name badges, as well as, administrative staff and volunteers needed for this event.