Foundations of the Enneagram Subtypes

Self-preservation | Social Belonging | Intimate Relationships  

This class provides an understanding of the twenty-seven subtypes of the Enneagram. Subtypes are patterns of attention and behavior in the areas of relationship to oneself(Self-preservation), to groups(Social) or in intimate relationships(One-to-One). Subtypes are driven by instinctual energies for survival, belonging and intimacy, and are formed in conjunction with the passions of the Enneagram Type. Although everyone has aspects of all three subtypes, one of the subtypes is typically dominant at different periods of one’s life.

Understanding one’s subtype is valuable in relationships and clarifies one’s understanding of their own Type, as well as that of those with whom they are in relationship.

Using teaching, exercises and brief panel interviews with class participants, students can expect to identify their subtype and deepen their understanding of how their behavior is influenced by their instinctual drives.

The Enneagram System’s 27 Personality Subtypes by Beatrice Chestnut is used to help participants identify and understand their subtype behavior. The class is taught in a one day format. Recommended preparation for this class: Foundations of the Enneagram of Personality Types.







February 24, 2018


9:00am – 4:00pm


Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, Room H-1


$80 per person which includes class workbook and lunch. If you have attended this class before, bring a friend and you may attend for $10(bring your materials from when you attended and lunch is provided)!

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Author: Jim Wampler

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