AEA Class: Exploring the 9 Enneagram Types | February 2, 2019

Exploring the 9 Enneagram Types (formerly known as The Development and Structure of the Enneagram of Personality Types)

Have you ever wondered why it is so important to you to get things right, or to be in charge or to keep the peace at all costs or (fill in the blank)? Do you ever find that no matter how many times you change your external circumstances – partner, job, friends, town – you end up recreating the same issues? Have you simply ever wondered what makes people “tick” in such varied ways (and just seem to refuse to see the world the way you do)?

There is a system of understanding personality from the standpoint of motivation – WHY we do what we do – known as the Enneagram of Personality Types.  If you’re new to this system, you likely stumbled over that word “Enneagram”. Pronounced any-a-gram, it’s a Greek word meaning a nine-pointed diagram. That’s because the Enneagram speaks to 9 basic Personality Types that are diagrammed in a circle. Understanding not only what we and others do, but why we do it, greatly enhances our acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and others. It also provides clear direction for continued growth and development as well as how to get past stuck places in our lives.

The theory of the Enneagram says that we come into this life in a state of connection to Essential Qualities of the Life Force and Being (such as Love, Truth, Courage, Wholeness, Innocence, Serenity). But, by necessity, we undergo the socialization process, developing a personality type structure that is a function of our genetic pre-disposition and early childhood experience. This personality structure helps us act effectively as individuals in the world and it also creates a false sense of separation from the Essential Qualities that are always there at our disposal. It sets us up, so to speak, to hyper-focus on one aspect of reality while the totality slips into the background.

You can think of the personality type structure as habits of attention and emotion as well as strategies on how to get what we deem as essential to our survival. It is a map that helps us navigate reality but it is not reality itself.

Knowing your type sets you on a path of deeper understanding of self and others that can assist you in moving past triggers, blocks and blind spots of personality into a fuller, freer, richer experience of life.

In this class we describe the formation of the nine type structures and help you find which one describes you best. We also examine the relationship between the personality self and the inner/core self with its permanent essential qualities of the Life Force and of Being itself.  This class also provides an overview of the paths and practices that lead toward personal development and integration.

Methods include teaching, exercises and brief panel interviews with class participants. The Essential Enneagram by Dr. David Daniels MD is used to assist participants to identify their own Enneagram personality type. This basic course is highly recommended as preparation for all of the continuing Enneagram programs. The class is taught in a one day format.







February 2, 2019


9:00am – 5:00pm


CrossRoads UMC | 7901 N. Central Avenue | Phoenix, AZ 85020


$110 per person which includes the Essential Enneagram book, class workbook, and lunch.

Have you attended this particular class before? There are special rates for you!

$10 fee- Bring a new person to this class who pays the full fee and your fee is $10 which includes lunch. Bring your own Essential Enneagram book and class workbook with you.

$50 fee- If you have attended this workshop before and do not bring a new person, the fee is $50 and includes lunch. Bring your own Essential Enneagram book and class workbook with you.

If you wish, you may purchase the class workbook at the door for $10 or the Essential Enneagram book for $11.


To apply for a Scholarship, click HERE (Must be received 2 weeks before the class)
Register by Phone:

Contact Sheila at 602-888-1381 | or click HERE by email

Registration in advance is extremely helpful in order to provide class notes, adequate seating, name badges and lunches as well as administrative staff and volunteers needed for this event.

Author: Jim Wampler

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