SERIES: The Virtues

Explore the Virtues of Your Heart…

How do serenity, humility, truth and balance operate in your life? What about nonattachment, courage, sobriety, innocence and right action?

How does hope, faith, and love show up in your life?

Discover practical ways to work through the barriers to spiritual freedom, thus, opening the path to maturity, individuation, and higher consciousness.

The Virtues described by the Enneagram are qualities of the life force and are experienced in everyday life when our life force is well balanced. The Virtues are always present even though we may not have direct experience of them, particularly when we are in the reactivity of our passion.

This class works with identifying the experience of the passion, and with relaxing into the contraction that holds it in place, instead of fighting it or fleeing from it. You will accomplish a deep, personal examination of your own emotional pattern and its conversion to the corresponding virtue through exercises, meditation practices, and dialogue.

Participation in this class requires that students are familiar with the Enneagram system and have developed a capacity for inner observation. Ideal preparation includes the AEA classes identified for Stage 1 and the Barriers to Spiritual Freedom Series. It is typically presented in six, 2½ hour weekly sessions.








6:30p.m. to 9:00 p.m.




$150 for the 15 hour, six-week series

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